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About us

Medical SPA «Radon» is located in a picturesque corner of Belarus among captivating conifer forests on the banks of the river Panikva. It is a branch of National Healthnet.

Today it is one of the largest health centers in Belarus with 476 beds for adults and 176 beds for children in children’s unit «Borovichok.» More than 10 thousand people can restore theit health during the year.

The history of our health resort dates back to the late 70’s and early 80’s of the 20st century when locals noticed the curative properties of flowing water. This particular water that has beneficial effects on health began to come to power and this surprising fact was noticed by the scientists. After a complex and painstaking investigation of radon water composition they came to conclusion that the water source is not inferior to its curative properties of the waters of such famous resorts as Tskhaltubo, Matsesta, Khmelnik.

The uniqueness and universality of the health resort lies in the fact that along with mineral radon water is widely used sapropel mud. Nature has endowed this area with enriched therapeutic sapropel mud. This powerful healing factor enables high efficiency and helps to cure many complicated health problems.

The main medical cure processes take place in the same building which accommodates medical facilities, dining room, living rooms, billiard room, swimming pool, mall, cinema and concert hall. We offer our guests comfortable rooms of different categories.

We will be happy to provide you with effective treatment and help you to enjoy your stay at our health resort!

We will provide your family health with effective treatment!


The Medical SPA «Radon» will give health to
You and your children.


Resort infrastructure

Main building:


2. Cash processing center

3. Library (virtual tour available)

4. Mall (virtual tour available)

5. Billiard bar «Star» (virtual tour available)

6. Concert hall (virtual tour available)

7. Hair salon

8. Wi-Fi: an extra charge in the lobby of the 2nd, 4th, 5th floors of an access card RUE Beltelecom, free Wi-Fi in rooms # 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 508, 808

9. 3G with mobile operator VELCOM

10. Ballroom

11. Equipment rental

12. Pay-phone

13. News stand

14. Pharmacy


Surrounding area:

1. Cafe «PaniKva» (virtual tour available)

2. «Russian sauna» (virtual tour available)

3. Parking lot

4. Radon hot source

5. Chapel

6. Rest areas

7. Boat station

8. Beach

9. Summer Amphitheatre

10. Volleyball Court

11. Hard-cover tennis courts

12. Children’s playground (slide, swing)

13. Cellular (Velcom, MTS, Life)

14. Mini Market