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Natural factors

The presence of such an effective natural healing factor as radon water has determined medical profile of «Radon» health resort — the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue diseases of the nervous system, diseases of male and female sexual organs.

Each vacationer that arrives in our Medical SPA receives a sufficient number of medical procedures on the basic profile, and, if necessary, comorbid conditions.
The basis of treatment base — balneary, which undertakes the following procedures: general radon baths, radon baths Four-chamber, gynecological irrigation water, radon, coniferous-pearl, mineral and other types of baths, underwater jet massage, underwater traction, therapeutic showers.

The main method of treatment is usage of a unique and the only one used in Belarus radon water that is extracted from a depth of 300 m with of 20 to 60 nCi /l radon content. This very radon concentration is most favorable for the treatment of many diseases. Radon water has curative and preventive effect on the body due to alpha rays as a result of the radon subatomic decomposition. Radon contributes to the normalization of all types of metabolism in the body, it has a strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect improves the immune system, heart function and normalizes blood pressure.

Except natural healing radon water the nature endows the resort the other wealth — sapropel therapeutic mud. The lake Wild mud is sophisticated organic-mineral complexes of substances that are formed from the plant and animal debris of the lake. There are a lot of micro and macro-elements, vitamins, antibiotic and hormone-like substances and other biologically active compounds in it. The mud is used in the form of a total or local application and for the electrophoresis.

Along with balneotherapy our Medical SPA uses many other types and methods of spa therapy: electrophototherapy, magnetic, magnitoazeroterapiya, inhalation, reflexology, herbal medicine, oxygen therapy, massages, local air cryotherapy, underwater traction, vibrotraktsiya, dry carbon dioxide baths, kolonogidroterapiya, medical soul, contrast baths.